I live in Whistler, BC.  since 1969.

 I began my art train­ing in Mon­treal, sup­ple­mented with  a year in Paris. Over the years, I have also taken courses from West Coast artists.

Since my return to abstract paint­ings and ceramic sculp­tures, my art­work evolves con­sciously and uncon­sciously. Each idea, color, shape, line, form and pat­tern hap­pens in its own time.

My paint­ings con­sist of abstract shapes. The nature influ­ence the direc­tion of the geo­met­ric pat­terns, lines and shapes that I use. I work with many lay­ers of acrylic paint and mixed medi­ums, all adding to a tex­tured surface.

My clay sculp­tures and murals are a sculp­tural expres­sion of human forms, ani­mals, myth­i­cal crea­tures and land­scapes. The clay medium allows me to play with the forms until I feel they are right. Each piece grows with the appli­ca­tion of coils, slabs, slips, under­glazes and glazes.

Each body of work embod­ies my inter­est in unique forms, cre­ative sub­jects and col­ors, so that each piece of art is unique.

I have exhib­ited and sold my art­work in Que­bec, Toronto, Whistler, Greater Van­cou­ver and Paris.

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